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Aaliyah Love

Welcome back Aaliyah. Glad to see you again, it’s always FUN to watch you do your thing… Still just as sweet as last year too… I put forth a suggestion to VEU earlier this year about Bringing back some of the favorite girls who did not get a shot at TOTM. A lot of the models are still around and many still have those fantastic looks. Maybe they could start a new site that featuring these models and call it the classic site or something or other. Who knows it might catch on, and other sites might steal your Idea, which would be the highest praise for VEU.

Their only MILF if they wear tons of Make-up and have Huge Fake tits and fat asses like the women on VEU. Other than that they are just more seasoned models that have a much more professional way or manner about them, Ya Think. One more thing. Didn’t your mother teach you that IF you couldn’t say something nice…